The Best Paint Brushes for Oil Paints

Oil paint brushes are available online as well as in different art materials shops. One can see a variety of brushes advertised which are of different types of hair as well as different sizes. How do we go about selecting the best brushes for oil paints?

First the purpose of painting and the area to be painted must be clearly defined. Smaller areas require small sized brushes whereas if you are going to paint walls then larger brushes are required to cover the space quickly. During painting artworks the quality of brushes is very important to get good results in the paintings. Brushes available in the market are of different types. Natural hair, sable hair and synthetic fibres are the most commonly available ones. Oil paints require tough bristle brushes and if very soft brushes are used then the bristles start falling with one use. Nowadays different synthetic brushes are available and one can choose the right brush for this type of painting. Good quality brushes though costlier than their cheap counterparts will go on for a long time and cheaper brushes are only fit for one use. For wall painting there are different sizes available and one must choose the correct size to make painting comfortable. Too small a brush and it will take a long time to paint and also the finish will not be proper if you have to cover a large area. Too big size the brush selected and the more paint will be wasted by dripping and also will give bad results in smaller areas for painting.

One must assess the requirement for the use of brushes for oil painting before buying the appropriate brushes. Selecting good quality brushes helps in the long run by giving good durability and results in paintings. The art material shops have a variety of brushes and one can choose according to our needs. If there is confusion regarding the materials used for brushes or selection of brushes for oil paints the art dealer and shop owner is the best person who can guide you for proper selection of brushes for oil painting.